Monday, July 4, 2011

Arthur began Humbly and as an afterthought

So where did Arthur get his big start?

Inquiring minds might want to know. Well, he had Hispanic origins and was an afterthought. Who is Arthur anyway? - A marionette of basic proportions and simplistic build.

First came the inspiration to build a portable marionette stage....much like, "build it and they will come."

Then came the scripts, three each - Scene 1, scene 3, and Beornkin. The first two scripts were inspired by bad copies of Monty Python and were tweaked for SCA audiences.

On New Year's Eve, 31 Dec 2010, while looking at a marionette; "Pedro," brought back by friends who had travelled to Mexico, it struck me that 3 marionettes could be created very easily for a performance that night.

Thus it all began. Fathir

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